Laser Cutting

Operation of the laser cutter is supervised by 3D tech Michael Stradley and Digital Arts tech Anna Kroll. All use of the laser cutter must be approved by Visual Arts faculty and staff.  To request a laser cutter training, please email or to be added to the approval list and book your appointment here.

Laser Cutter Policies

  1. NEVER leave the laser unattended. It can catch fire. Stay awake and observe. If the laser is left running and unattended it will be shut off. If you have to leave, stop or pause your file.
  2. Materials that can be cut or etched: If there is any question ask!

    YES: Basswood, balsa, cardboard, paper, museum and chipboard, leather. Plexiglas or acrylic is OK but does smell bad. You MUST run quick tests with simple lines when using paper to determine the proper settings.

    NO: Foamcore, Lexan, PVC, treated plywood, MDF or anything that can produce toxic fumes when burned. Glass, mirrors, metal, coins, foil, some metallic paints, or anything that can reflect the laser.

  3. The Laser Engravers are for Academic Use only
  4. Prepare your files first. Your time is forfeited if you are not ready within 15 minutes of your reservation.
  5. Glues, sprays, and use of any toxic materials are prohibited.
  6. If you are going to cut acrylic, notify others in room. Please place any acrylic waste in containers outside of the laser lab to control fumes.