If you would like to use the CNC mill, please do the following

  • Decide on a stock material with exact dimensions.
  • Prepare your digital file and companion G-Code file using Rhino and RhinoCam software installed on the computers in the sculpture area. Remember to model the exact dimensions of your stock.
  • Figure out which drill bits you will need to mill your objects (see tool inventory).   
  • Send your files (Rhino and G-Code) to for checking. Include your stock measurement and material details in the email. 
  • Confirm the suggested schedule mill times to meet with the tech or an assistant and run your job. 

If you have a Rhino file you would like to mill, but don’t know how to use RhinoCam

  • Send your file to with clear notes about what you would like to mill, what material you are using, and your time frame. Someone will help you set up G-Code for your file or let you know if there are things that need to be changed for it to work. 

If you are comfortable using Rhino, RhinoCam, and running jobs on the CNC mill
please write to to request Free Mill time during which you can run jobs on your own. Please note that Free Mill times are only for students who very familiar with the software and tools.