I can’t save to the desktop?!

No, but you can save to the SAVE HERE folder.

It’s not printing?!

Are you on the secure network? Are you checking the right printer?
Did you “release” the print if you did the Follow_Me queue?
Check the printer…is there a jam?
Does it need paper or toner?
Check the printer… does it need paper? toner? There’s extra in the cabinet below.
Is the file super big and you’re getting an error? Check your image size (it does not need to be 4000px wide).

Still not working? email helpdesk@bennington.edu

How do I log in to Adobe?!

Use your school credentials if prompted.

Wiki HOW?!

Wiki Editing Tips
How-To Slideshow

I want a WordPress!

Contact helpdesk@bennington.edu for web server space and a database.
Starting fresh? Installing a WordPress on the school servers


Use Image Capture