Installing a WordPress blog on student2 server

Installing WordPress

A MySQL space needs to be set up for this to work. To obtain, one email with your (polite) request
The credentials will be in the following format
‘DB_NAME’, ‘provided by IT’
‘DB_USER’, ‘provided by IT’
‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘provided by IT’
1. Visit and download .zip file
2. Create a folder inside public_html folder (fetch) with desired blog name. Note that this will be the blog’s url
3. Rename wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php inside the downloaded WordPress folder
4. Open wp-config.php in BBEdit and fill in the database information listed above. This section is near the top of the wp-config.php document

5. Visit and copy that code into wp-config.php to replace code below

6. Save wp-config.php and place all files from downloaded WordPress folder into folder created in step 2
7. In a browser go to you created in step 2/wp-admin/install.php
8. You should see a WordPress website that walks you through setting up a blog. If you do not see this or an error make sure all steps were done correctly
For troubleshooting or more detailed instructions visit