Scanning with the Perfection 2450 scanner

*This scanner is connected to the  computer in the back, farthest to left (if you’re facing Tim’s office).
1.) Open Image Capture App.

2.) Turn on Scanner
Select “Epson 2450” under devices. (If can not find the scanner, you may need to turn off the scanner and/or close the program, then reopen it.)
3.) Place your document on the scanner bed. Align it to the TOP RIGHT. (there should be an arrow indicator)
  • SCAN MODE: choose “flatbed”
  • KIND: select “color” or “black and white”
  • RESOLUTION: 96dpi for upload to the web, 300 dpi for high-quality printing
  • SCAN TO: select destination folder (i.e. vapax or “Save Here” folder)
  • FORMAT: JPEG for web upload, TIFF for high-quality prints
4.) Crop to Desired Scan Area

5.) Select “SCAN”.  (your document will be scanned, and saved in the folder you selected in “step 3”)