Connecting to the VAPA Server

**The VAPA Server is no longer functional**


Pod iMacs all have shortcuts to the Pod server on the desktops. If you don’t see one or are using your own machine do the following:
• In Finder, click “Go” and select “Connect to Server”
• In the Server Address bar, paste smb://vapa_shares:vapa_shares@vbcswvapa01/vapa_pod/


• Click “Computer” in the sidebar.
• Click “Map Network Drive” in the top bar.
• Type \\vbcswvapa01\vapa_pod in the “Folder” field and turn on “Connect using different credentials” before hitting “Finish.”
• Click “Finish.”
• In the “Enter Network Password” window, click on “use another account”
• Type faobo\vapa_shares in user name and vapa_shares in password