Digital Fabrication

All access to the laser cutter and 3D printers must be approved by Visual Arts faculty or staff. The Digital Arts Studio will be open 10-5 daily and during select evening hours, but use of the printers and laser cutter is controlled by the Digital Arts, Sculpture, and Ceramics technicians.
If your class is cutting or printing in the Digital Arts Studio, please have your files ready to cut or print prior to dropping them off. Bad files will be rejected and must be corrected by the student. If you need help or have any questions about materials, files, or equipment, please feel free to contact us prior to your appointment or drop off.

Laser Cutter Template

Laser Cutter Policies

Intro to Illustrator

Single Line Laser Cut safe fonts

Laser cut color palette for Illustrator

Connecting to VAPA Pod Server in Windows

Connecting to VAPA Pod Server on a Mac

Laser Cutter Submission Form

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Material Purchasing Resources

Inventables Materials Store

Material Libraries

Cut Laser Cut Cuttable Library

Pololu Cuttable Library


D&D plywoodonline

Woodworkers Source

Sample materials

Ponoko material samples store

Misc resources

Site with suggested cut and engraving settings.

Blog about all things laser cut

Box cutting template

Constantines – Amazing wood and other materials source

Taskboard – Awesome material for modeling and prototyping