Connecting to the VAPA Server

In Mac OS

Pod iMacs all have shortcuts to the Pod server on the desktops. If you don’t see one or are using your own machine do the following:
• In Finder, click “Go” and select “Connect to Server” or just press ⌘ and K together.
• In the Server Address bar, paste smb://vapa_shares:vapa_shares@vbcswvapa01/vapa_pod/

In Windows

• Click “Computer” in the sidebar.
• Click “Map Network Drive” in the top bar.
• Type \\vbcswvapa01\vapa_pod in the “Folder” field and turn on “Connect using different credentials” before hitting “Finish.”
• Click “Finish.”
• In the “Enter Network Password” window, click on “use another account”
• Type faobo\vapa_shares in user name and vapa_shares in password