Preparing for your Laser Cut session

1) If you haven’t already filled out our request form, please do so (it helps us to record how many people are using the laser cutter).
2) Prepare your file:

• Convert all cut/score lines (vectors) to 0.001 width in Illustrator
• select each object to make sure it is black (#000000) or one of the basic colors on this chart.
• make sure your file is in RGB mode.
	File > Document Color Mode > RGB Color from the menu.
• Make sure your fill curves for rastering (not vector cutting) are a compound path.
	Select curves, then Choose Object > Compound Path > Make from the menu.
• if you are cutting outlines of letters, be sure you have converted them to outlines in Illustrator
	Type>Create Outlines from the Menu.

3) Connect to the VAPA server, copy the laser cutter template out of the Laser Cut Files directory, and paste the contents of your file(s) into it.
4) Put your prepared file on the VAPA server, in /+ Laser Cut Files/STUDENTS/