Printer Help

There are a lot of things that can go wrong or be confusing when trying to print, especially if the output is something that is not simply a PDF or word document. The scope of this documentation is the show some proven ways to print documents on the Pod’s black and white laser printer, in different sizes and different programs.
For information about using the large-format POD color printer, see this page
Remember, the Pod’s printer is only for Digital Arts-related projects and coursework. For printing readings, high-volume copies, and other long documents (10+ pages) especially, please use the library or computer center. It will be faster anyway. Yes, the example below is 35 pages. Don’t follow it. Forster disregards all rules.
Do not mess with the device settings on the printer itself. It will screw things up for everyone. Everything you need to do can be done in the software on the computer you are working on.


In almost all OS X programs, print dialog ?P  or File > Print.
Windows is Ctrl + P or File Print.

Microsoft Word

This is what the Word print dialog looks like. If you want your document to be on letter paper in portrait mode, then just press Print.

To change your page setup, press Page Setup… and this will appear:

Change the orientation to landscape by pressing the button with the little sideways man on it.
Change the paper size by clicking the dropdown button. The only other size that the pod printer does is Tabloid (11×17).
If you print multiple copies double sided, the first page of the next copy will be printed onto the back of the last page of the last copy. Don’t.

Google Drive

To print things properly in Google Drive, you can’t use Safari’s built-in print. If you do, the date and URL will show up on the final printed page. The right thing to do is choose File > Print from Google Drive’s menu:

Then you’ll see something like this. Choose “Print from my computer”.

A PDF of your document will go into the Downloads folder then open up in Adobe Reader. Print from that.

Adobe Photoshop

This is what the Photoshop print dialog looks like. On the left is a live preview of the printed document, with the paper size written above. Click the little “layout” buttons to change the orientation of the page. Click Page settings to change other settings.

This is the Photoshop page settings.

Printing Halftone (CS4 Only)

USE CS4 This won’t work with any other version. CS4 is only installed on two computers on the back wall closest to the technician’s office.

  • Halftones are only needed for tonal art not line art or text
  • Use the LaserJet printer in the POD, from a computer with Photoshop CS4 on it. This will not work in Photoshop CS5, CS6 or on your home LaserJet printer.
In Print

Uncheck Use Printer’s Default Screen

Frequency: 55 lpi
For larger dot patterns go lower than 55
For rest results don’t go higher than 65
Angle: 45°
Shape: diamond
Click OK
Click Print
In Print Dialog Box

Change Media Type to Rough (Canson Vellum and Frosted Mylar), Transparency (LaserJet Transparency).

Load film into Manual Tray (for better feed put a plain sheet of paper in first, then the vellum)
Click Print

Adobe Illustrator

Huge Files

Sometimes Illustrator files can be huge and may not print properly.  This is especially the case with things like maps or intricate templates. Try these tips from Adobe to make your files more efficient. You can also try to save them as a pdf and print from the program Preview. If you receive a 49xx error this is the issue.

Large-Format Color Printing

The technician’s office has a large-format color printer that can be accessed for a fee.  See the page on color printing for information.

Free Color Laser Printing

Is available in the Computer Center, on letter, tabloid or your own paper. For free. Seriously.

Mechanical Issues

Remember, DO NOT fiddle with the software settings on the physical printer. This will mess things up for everyone. If you think that someone has changed these settings and it is causing your printing to not come out properly, talk to the Pod monitor.

Out of Paper

There is usually letter paper in the clear cabinet across from the printer. Put this in the letter paper tray if it runs out.
 The Pod printer is not meant for printing long documents like readings. Digital Arts has a limited budget, so use our paper sparingly.

Out of Toner

Talk to the Pod monitor.

Clear Jams

In 19 different languages.

Print to PDF

Almost every print dialog in OS X has the option to export to PDF. If for some reason the POD printer isn’t working or doesn’t suit your needs, use this option to export a PDF to email or take away to print somewhere else.